Bartoldus Rummell Family funsite
Featuring Bart and Carrie's wonderful family
guest starring the Morrell and Bower-Rummell Children and their friends
Some Baha'is         Some family          Maybe someone you know?
Pics of Baha'i events and friends, come visit!
Pics of Matthew's "Good times"
Family events, come take a gander at what we've been up to!
This was our "children's" teaching trip to Belize Summer 2001
Soon to be a collage of new and old pictures
This site needs more pics! Email us some to add to the albums
Family prayer, hopes, dreams, things to help each other to obtain!
Okay, yeah but its a start and you never know who might want to buy stuff. Check out what I just bought at auction! Buy some from me, PLEASE!
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Julie & Theo's wedding album
Julie and Theo's
Bart & Carrie's Pilgrimage
A newspaper article starring the brother voted most emotional! Sister Sarah, are you envious? Something caaan be arranged, you know
A little tribute to sister Dr. Daintry, how did Carrie do this?
You have to come and check in here, see you has just posted new pictures or added a new comment about a picture Mom put that was yours!
Thier announcement, guest book, registry, etc... soon to be added, wedding album
Alexandra and baby David Nowlin
First Pics of Kaden
Beatrice Fern Woods memorial site
Carrie's Blog